Tuesday, April 27


Gah, I love her. She's so cool and funky and just plain beautiful.

Tuesday, April 13



On the other hand, this is making my mouth water.........

and I don't even like burgers like that!


Random Thoughts

I want to go camping
gah, i need something new in my life
i have alot of money right now....and i dont know what to myself lol
why did drake make a video for "over"
i want a bubble machine!
so i'm looking for one on ebay
eugene is the best dressed person i know
today was awful, but atleast i looked good ;)
i packed on alot of makeup today
men will be men, but i play the game just like a man
i should be doing my humanities honor project, but im writing this ish

i feel so disconnected from everything right about now. like, i'm not interested in anything i used to be interested in. don't even have the same feelings towards the people in my life anymore. alot of my relationships are broken and i'm not trying to fix them....but how about i dont care? which seems odd and a bit selfish, but yet such a relief. and like, i cant even say something is wrong with me. because there really isn't. this sense of carelessness has just overcome me and it feels damn good.

on the other hand, i want to get married. not necessarily in love. i just wanna be able to say i'm married. that's all.

hope you're up on my tumblr: estheticpleasure.tumblr.com ;)


Tuesday, April 6


Things that make you say WTF Part 1: STD?!

I'm keeping this person's identity totally private because I can not believe she posted this as her status. I don't know whether to 'lmao' or 'wtf'. We're not even fb friends, we just have mutual friends, but for whatever reason her status pops up on my news feed.

Now, I know sometimes people go on their friends fb pages and change their status to "IM GAY" or "I SUCK DICK"....you know, corny stuff like that....but for some reason I think this is real and that's just crazy lol

Monday, March 29


Nikki Menaj x Amber Rose for "Massive Attack"
"Massive Attack" is Nikki Menaj's new single/video. I have yet to hear it and don't care to. (I think I mentioned in a previous post that I don't care for her music....eventhough "alotta bread, no sesame seeds is a brilliant line! lol) Anywho, Amber Rose is featuring in the video so you know I'm all over it. I like Amber Rose! Word is that her and Nikki are like besties. How cute.

Nikki x Amber

This car is so hot!!

Miss Rose looking bad as always

And speaking of Amber, I came across some pictures of her shopping in Soho the other day looking like a straight up dude. You gotta love how versatile she is. Nice cargos!

Rockin' the Yeezys. This chick is so down for her man

Her friend's shoes are a hell of a pair of shoes! <3

Saturday, March 27


New Vid: Erykah Badu- "Window Seat"

This video has really turned into something controversial. Yeah, she got naked infront of JFK's assassination sight and mocked a shotgun wound to the head...and? I'm sorry, but White people only have something to say when it interferes with their "perfect" little structure of society. When they are threatened all hell breaks loose. No one ran to the media when that young boy was shot dead in that Brooklyn bakery, neither did they fall out over the four year old boy who was beaten to death by his parents.

Thank you Erykah.

Friday, March 26


YES, I miss the 90s....HELL YES, I miss Aaliyah

Thursday, March 25


Rihanna "Rude Boy" cover
Bee dropped this in my inbox this mawrninn. She knows how obsessed I am with this song. I like their version. It's cute. Acoustic guitar? YES Female playing the acoustic guitar? HELL YES


Kim Khardashian and Reggie Bush Split, Again

But why is it making headlines?? Media never seizes to amaze me. Oh, the society we live in.

Wednesday, March 24


Nicki Minaj fully clothed and she looks wonderful.

Please click the picture so you can see how gorgeous she looks. AND SHE HAS CLOTHES ON!I'm not only saying this because one-pieces are my absolute favorite fashion trend....But really, this is the classiest I've ever seen her look. She looks subtle. No pink, thank God. Except for the mani/pedi (which is a good look) I'd like to see this side of her more often. You can't be a "barbie bitch" forever.

How do you spell her name anyways?
Nikki Menaj?
Nicki Minaj?
Mikki Minaj?


Lil Wayne feat. Eminem "Drop The World"
It took me a long to make this post because I usually don't like to shout Lil' Wayne out. He's so hyped up and I don't like giving people even more hype. But wow, this song/video is really, really hot. I love the way he uses drums/electric guitar in his music. (I guess this is what they call "rockstar"?) Anyways, Eminem murders his verse and the video is awesome to watch. I've watched it a gazillion times already.

Wednesday, March 17


NEW VID: Omarion "Speedin"
(I'm not even sure if this is still considered new) When I see stuff like this, this is when I start to think to myself :"Where the FUCK have I been?!". I had no clue there was a video this song. Shoot, I just discovered the song about a week ago lol You'll have to excuse me, I barely watch tv. Anywho, this is my shiiiiiiit. I haven't found the time to look into what the song actually means (lol I'm the worse, I know) but it sounds good so HEY NOW! The video is pretty cool. I love videos with sunrise/sunsets. It just sets the mood right.

Tuesday, March 16


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P.S. This doesn't mean I'm giving up blogspot! SafetyPin is my first born, my babyyy :)

Monday, March 15


Random Thought: LOL You ever look at a woman and think to yourself who the fuck got her pregnant?? o_O Don't front, I know you've done it.

Well, here are some cute baby mommas ;)




Sunday, March 14


There's a right time and a wrong time to choose your homie over a female. This was the wrong time.

Thursday, March 11


LMAO!: Baby Hair

OK. He is hi-lar-ri-ous! I was dying before the video even finished loading. The things I stumble upon haha

Tuesday, March 9



Doesn't he just look like a producer? The beanie, the white tee, relaxed-fit denim jeans lol Ngozi is a monster when it comes to beats. Funny, because when you see him he's timid, kinda quiet, then he plays these beats and your reaction is like "WHAAAAAT?!". You would never guess. Anyways, I'm happy to have yet another person in my life who appreciates music as much as I do. Eventhough he stole me and Pri's beats!! lol


YUP, I was outside with no coat on today. I'm sorry, but when the sun comes out I lose my mind. I was handing out money to homeless people like it was nothing, treating myself to all my favorites treats, and I smiled alot more than I usually do. The wind was in my hair. You couldn't tell me nuffin! I'm going to pay for this one. I'm already sneezing and I can feel my sinuses acting up. I haven't felt the warmth of the sun in 4-5 months. Can you blame a gal?

Monday, March 8


Baby take off your cool..........


FOOD: Oh, how I adore frosted flakes

Frosted flakes taste wonderful. Sugar and chips. What more can you ask for? I'm eating them right now straight out the bag. No milk (because milk is gross....cow nipple juice ewwww)

Ask this guy...he understands!!